How Long Does It Take To See Results?

How Long Does It Take To See Results?


Argh, the million dollar question. As humans we like timescales. They give us something tangible that we can base the future on. Like the time until you’re home on the sat nav, how long until your tea’s ready, or how long until you go on holiday. All of these have a finishing point that we can work back from.

Unfortunately, improving your body shape does not. It is a complex process that has so many variables which I will now attempt to explain. I will start by breaking down the variables that should help you build a time frame on your own results.


Starting point

Never exercised before and have a lot of body fat to lose? You’re going to see visual change quicker than the person who has previously exercised and only has a small amount of body fat to lose. Everyone has a different starting point. Therefore, it’s impossible to compare your fitness journey to anyone else.


Like we all vary in eye colour, height and shoe size; our bodily processes all work at different speeds. Some of us have quicker metabolisms, promote muscle quicker, and let go of stored fat quicker. Some of us are naturally a bigger build than others. These factors are a lottery that we have no control over.


This may sound obvious, but the more effort you put in the quicker and better your results will be. Someone who understands their calorie and protein numbers, trains five times a week and logs what they eat through a food tracking app like My Fitness Pal, is going to see quicker and better results than someone training twice a week and just trying to ‘eat healthily’.

My Opinion

You have to realise that results come in various forms. The first results you will notice will be improved mood, sleep and energy; assuming you’re eating a predominantly whole food diet. Secondly, assuming that you’re on a predominantly weight based exercise routine, you may find the chronic aches and pains you’ve carried with you for years are starting to subside.

The physical change in your body is a much longer process than we are led to believe. Money driven quick fixes and fake transformation pictures are rife through social media. They have clouded our view of just how long it takes to improve our body shape. Taking the above into account, it takes months and years of consistent and accurate effort both nutritionally and exercise wise to truly get results.


Asking how long it will take for you to see results is as open-ended as asking how long a piece of string is. If you have a personal trainer and he or she has told you how long it will take for you to get the results you want then please slap them in the face with your sweaty gym towel. Unless they are related to Mystic Meg then they simply can’t give you an accurate timescale.

What do I tell my clients when they start with me? Taking their starting point into account and assuming they put the effort in, results will come as quick as their genetics will allow. Also that realistically they will never be truly satisfied, as once they achieve their goal, they generally set another one. So work on constantly improving yourself month on month as opposed to setting a specific goal within a specific time frame.

You should be trying to create a newer, healthier lifestyle that you can sustain. One that improves every aspect of your being; both physically and mentally. If you need assistance improving your lifestyle then drop me a message to book in for a totally free, no obligation consultation.

All the love,

Sam Jones Fitness


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