Change Your Lifestyle

Do you feel like you’re losing control of your health, weight and wellbeing? Make lasting change and ditch the short-term diets with 1-1 support that considers your lifestyle, your food preferences and your barriers.

Nutritional Practitioner, Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

Welcome To Origin Online Coaching

Simplify your approach to Nutrition

We’ll work together to build nutritional habits that fit around you, helping you with weight [fat] loss, burnout and lifestyle-related diseases.

Become independent in your training

Never go to the gym without a plan again. Master your form with videos for every exercise and track your progress in your workout hub.

Make a real lifestyle change

I believe in a teach – not tell – approach. Feel more empowered with an evidence-based educational portal at your fingertips.

Take control of your journey

You’re in the driving seat. And the aim is to enable you to reduce your package rate as you become more self-accountable and independent, eventually walking away.

My approach

Origin Coaching was born from my desire to help people become more self-compassionate. We exist in an environment we never evolved to live in; we’re eating more and moving less. It’s about figuring out how to live in the modern world, in a way that works for you. A lasting lifestyle change.

How it works

Small, achievable habits compound into big change. Nutrition will play a key role in our weekly video checkins and together we will work to embed exercise into your life too. We’ll look at where your nutrition and exercise is now, and where we would like to get to. Find out more below.

Book a FREE consultation video call to find out more about how I coach and how I can help you. I never ask if you’d like to sign up during the call.

Success Stories

I’ve completely changed my body shape, losing over three stone. I have more energy, sleep better, feel less stressed, and feel confident training in the gym. It’s become a lifestyle for me.


My health, lifestyle, and self-esteem have improved massively. If you’re reading this and are considering having an initial consultation then please go for it, you will not regret it!


My relationship with food has changed. With education and context, I have had the mental shift I’ve been trying to make for years. Sam has taught me about nutrition and what to do in the gym!


Sam has helped me bring structure into my food and exercise in a way that puts me in control. I really enjoyed speaking to Sam on a weekly basis, it was always insightful and encouraging.


I’ve been introduced to a much happier and healthier way of both working out and managing my food/nutrition. I can actually eat a takeaway and not feel bad about it!


Online Coaching Packages

Getting Started

£199 p/m

Advised level for at least three months whilst you get grips with embedding the pillars of health into your life.

More info
  • Weekly 20-30min FaceTime check-in
  • Align nutrition to health & goals
  • Tailored progressive exercise programme
  • Educational hub
  • Gradually changing habits each week

Finding Your Feet

£99 p/m

Move on to this level as you start to become independent and competent. Starting to hand the reins of accountability over to you.

More info
  • 20-30min FaceTime check-in every 2 weeks
  • Continual refinement of nutrition
  • Ongoing progression of workout space
  • Option to look at sleep & stress management

Becoming Independent

£49 p/m

The final step down on your journey. By now you will be highly independent and at some point will fully walk away having improved your lifestyle in a way that works for you, once and for all!

More info
  • 20-30min FaceTime check-in once a month
  • Ensuring maintenance of new habits
  • Continued refinement of nutrition & workout space
  • Final step down on your lifestyle change
Based on 30 reviews
Paul Hancock
Paul Hancock
Worked with Sam for several months remotely online starting in the lockdown without ever meeting him in person. However, with his guidance and support via FaceTime managed to lose 2 stone and dramatically change my body shape. Sam kept things simple and achievable and showed me you can enjoy life whilst becoming healthier. Thank you!
Raymund Vitalis
Raymund Vitalis
My time working with Sam over the past 6 months has been so beneficial to my health and well-being. The on-line sessions have been a fantastic learning curve on improving my sleep, nutrition, fitness and to improve my overall wellbeing regarding my joint pains. As a sufferer of a long term illness who frequently attends hospital appointments, on my last appointment my consultant is happy to report that my inflammatory markers are now within normal range and my joints are 5/5. My GP is also happy that at the beginning of my journey I was pre-diabetic but my blood glucose is now normal. Sam deserves every praise for the difference he has made to my health. I have also had a significant weight loss during my time with Sam. Sam’s knowledge and expertise regarding, health, nutrition and fitness is incredible and his approach and encouragement during these sessions has been inspiring.
marie vitalis
marie vitalis
I have just finished a six month online personal training course with Sam. As I have limited time available the weekly zoom sessions have been so accessible to fit into my busy life. Sam’s knowledge on health, fitness and nutrition has been amazing and life changing and he has been a tremendous support in helping me to lose weight and adapt to a healthier lifestyle - more importantly the remote online sessions have made the whole journey easy and painless. As a personal trainer Sam is encouraging, positive and non-judgemental. Can’t thank Sam enough.
Milton Lawrence
Milton Lawrence
I undertook this course with sam recently, he is an excellent trainer/motivator, v, v knowledgeable and a (really nice guy to boot). I really enjoyed his tutorials, instructional videos and training routines, they are in my humble opinion quite cutting edge, as they delve into the science and psychology of the topics, ie the importance of adequate sleep patterns in the health cycle. I've attended gyms previously and enjoyed these experiences, but sams approach is light years ahead in the fact that he gives you the science behind the exercise and more. Highly recommended. 10/10.😀
Karen Gribbin
Karen Gribbin
I've just completed 6 months health and wellbeing support by Sam, meeting him regularly online and using apps to record my progress which Sam can also view to keep an eye on my progress! It's been amazing and life changing. He's so knowledgeable and supportive which has inspired me to keep going. I am now far more aware of what nutrition I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and even though I feel I eat more than I did before I started I've actually lost weight and my body shape has changed for the better as a result of the nutrition advice and regular exercises that Sam set me. It's something I've wanted to achieve for a long time but I don't think I could ever have done it without Sam's knowledge and support.
Hannah Hassall
Hannah Hassall
Sam was brilliant from the first contact right until the end check in. His nutrition and food knowledge is amazing and that really helped with my results. Sam helped me through education and nutrition knowledge (no workouts needed), keep my pregnancy diabetes under control meaning I was able to enjoy my pregnancy and deliver a healthy little boy into the world who in the end didn’t need any intervention. It wasn’t as simple as ‘stop eating sugar’ as Sam explained to me and with his guidance I was able to keep on track. Thanks Sam for all the help along our journey. I’ll definitely be back with new post pregnancy goals.
I have known Sam personally for a number of years but have only recently started to use his professional services. Sam has helped me to put some structure into my food and exercise in a way that puts me in control. Since working with Sam to track my food in a non obsessive way I am definitely eating less but not in a way that means I have to eat less of what I enjoy. I have never enjoyed going to the gym and lockdown put a stop to this changing but by using the online service with Sam I have still been able to exercise regularly at home using the structure Sam has put in place. I really enjoy speaking to Sam on a weekly basis, it is always insightful and encouraging. I look forward to continuing on my journey with him and continuing to see the positive change I have started to make thanks to Sam!
Debbie Gawne
Debbie Gawne
The best thing I have done for a long time was to make my first appointment with Sam. He is so positive, knowledgable and following his advice brings results! I am in such a better place than I have ever been. He makes sense and is so patient. He tailors the sessions to what you need. Even in lock down he kept in touch. Thank you Sam.
Rebecca Kinnear
Rebecca Kinnear
Sam has helped me so much over the past few months; he has helped me to understand how I can look after myself and my health whilst also enjoying food and not having to miss out. It doesnt feel like a diet so is so much easier to maintain. As someone who was completely anti-exercise, I have finally found exercise I enjoy and that I can see working for me. Plus, he doesnt shout or bark at you during sessions - chatting and explaining things instead. Thanks so much Sam!