Holistic Nutrition, Personal Training & Lifestyle Coaching.

 Constantly feeling mentally and physically burnt out? Worried that your current lifestyle is damaging your health? Fed up of fad diets?

 At Origin coaching, I work with people all over the world to improve their pillars of health as shown below. Helping restore their physical and mental wellbeing, whilst improving their body composition as a by-product.

Free Face-Time Consultation

A no pressure way to better understand how I could help you

Gold £150/per month


  • Weekly 20-30min FaceTime check-in
  • Align nutrition to health & goals
  • Tailored progressive exercise programme
  • Educational hub
  • Gradually changing habits each week

Advised level for at least three months whilst you get grips with embedding the pillars of health into your life.

Silver £75/per month


  • 20-30min FaceTime check-in every 2 weeks
  • Continual refinement of nutrition
  • Ongoing progression of workout space
  • Option to look at sleep & stress management

Move on to this level as you start to become independent and competent. Starting to hand the reins of accountability over to you.

Bronze £40/per month


  • 20-30min FaceTime check-in once a month
  • Ensuring maintenance of new habits
  • Continued refinement of nutrition & workout space
  • Final step down on your lifestyle change

The final step down on your journey. By now you will be highly independent and at some point will fully walk away having improved your lifestyle in a way that works for you, once and for all!

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“I’ve just finished 12 months with Origin coaching. I can honestly say it has been life-changing.

I was burnt out and overweight. Sam’s approach has helped me stop and assess my lifestyle. I am healthier and leaner than I have been in decades”


“Origin coaching has been a dramatic learning curve on improving my nutrition, fitness, sleep, and overall wellbeing.

I have seen significant weight loss, but more importantly, I have vastly improved my health”


“Origin coaching made me realise that I needed a gradual lifestyle change that gave me control.

Sam’s coaching style allowed just that. Over the past 8 months, we have adjusted my nutrition, movement, sleep, and stress levels, in a way that suits me. Only in hindsight do I realise how unhealthy I was”


I was initially unsure about this remote approach to coaching, having always thought I just needed a PT.

Within two weeks with Sam, I realised I needed the gradual holistic approach he offers. The past 12 months with Origin coaching has been a powerful shift in my life. I walked away with all the knowledge to sustain my new lifestyle. 

“We can route the vast majority of mental and physical diseases, weight gain included, back to the disparity between our biological environment, and the modern cultural one we find ourselves in. I help people like you close that gap gradually, realistically, and in a way that puts you in control”

– Sam Jones, Founder of Origin

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