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 Focusing on all corners of exercise, nutrition, sleep, and wellbeing. Evidence based educational talks and practical workshops, taught in simple way that allows you to apply the knowledge realistically into your life.

female learn to lift workshop

VENUE: Namix Gym, Northwich

DATE: Jan16th-Feb 6th

PRICE: £95

Held over four Sundays, 4pm-5:30pm, this workshop is for females only. Designed to create a platform to feel competent lifting weights, whilst understanding the core principles of workout structure, exercise form, reps, rest, sets, etc. Taught via a blend of practical understanding of form on the gym floor and lecture style teaching – this is not ‘a workout class’.

This four-part workshop is inclusive to all levels of ability, and at its heart is aiming to promote healthier reasons for exercising. Whilst touching on topics like body image, overall weight, and cultural myths within the fitness and nutritional space.

You will leave with a handbook summarising the topics learned, as well as a basic resistance-based program for you to do after completing the workshop. This is open to non-Namix gym members. Please get in touch if you have any questions!


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