What Should You Be Eating For Breakfast?

What Should You Be Eating For Breakfast?


Firstly, you’re already dealing with the biggest issue if you have an understanding of your daily calorie and protein intakes. And you’re consistently getting close to them. Skipping breakfast for you guys has no negative effects on your body shape.

That being said, regardless of whether you’re tracking what you eat or not, eating breakfast has many benefits. Morning anxiousness, mood, and energy levels can all be improved by eating a healthy breakfast. But what is the perfect breakfast?


What Isn’t


Ready-made ‘on the go’ breakfasts marketed as healthy. Sorry to break it to you, but these tend to be far from healthy at all! Generally, they are heavily carbohydrate-based, high in sugar, and low in protein. These types of breakfasts are known to make you irritable. They offer a short spike of energy which quickly comes crashing back down; making you feel sluggish before the mornings out.

They also fail to offer any quality protein or healthy fats. Both of which keep you fuller for longer, whilst offering a slower release of energy. Don’t be a fool to marketing!


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What Is


I generally recommend eating a breakfast full of quality protein and good fats. Or if in a rush, quality carbohydrates like rolled oats combined with a protein shake. If you have time: eggs, smoked salmon, and avocado on toast make a high-quality breakfast. Packed full of complete proteins, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins & minerals.

Rolled oats with protein powder mixed in, or on the side, is a great option if you’re in a rush. Try adding low sugar fruit like blueberries. If blended together with water, nut milk or normal milk, it can be drunk on the way to work (YES for convenience!).


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Morning Exercise


If you are up at the crack of dawn and heading straight to the gym before work I would train on an empty stomach. Follow this with a carbohydrate and protein-based meal after exercise. Remember, your body needs around an hour and a half to digest food. If you eat under this time frame you run the risk of increased fatigue and bringing it back up mid-session (no one wants that!).


Other No No’s


Fruit smoothies – By blending fruit you do most of the work that your digestive system would normally do. Meaning the nutrients are absorbed quickly and in a shorter space of time.

Although fructose, not glucose, it is not healthy for that volume of sugar to be entering your body in one go. If you are insistent on doing this, at least include a scoop of protein powder to slow down digestion to keep you fuller for longer.

Yogurts – Be aware that if they taste too good to be true (healthy), they usually are. Many flavored yogurts are packed full of sugar. Try high protein, low sugar alternatives like Alpro ‘hint of almond’ or Skyr varieties.

Coffee – Before breakfast, or even worse, instead of breakfast is a big no-no. It is an appetite suppressant which also, contrary to belief, actually reduces blood flow to the brain by up to 25%. In my experience, it can also make people jittery and anxious if drank on an empty stomach. Try waiting at least an hour after waking up before drinking your first coffee, and ideally have it after food.


Final Say


Ideally, your breakfast should contain around 25-30% of your total daily calories. On non-training days, try and have a high protein, high (good) fat breakfast. This will keep you fuller for longer, offering you a consistent level of energy throughout the morning.

If you’re eating breakfast before or after exercise, ensure it contains protein and a quality carbohydrate source like rolled oats. Your body needs this direct energy source to fuel it before training, and replenish energy stores afterwards.

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