Their progress pictures stand to highlight that improvements to body composition still occur as a by-product of the five pillars of health that I help clients better. Focus more on their testimonials to understand their health based improvements.


”Sam saved my life! I lost nearly half my body weight in just over a year and not once did I feel like I was on a ‘diet’. I was dubious, initially, about hiring an online Nutritional Consultant as I wasn’t aware that’s what I actually needed!”


”I thought I only needed help exercising, how wrong I was. I needed help with my nutrition! Sam’s online approach of weekly FaceTime check-ins and structure has been a game-changer, both nutritionally and exercise programming.”


“Origin coaching has taught me how to manage my own nutrition and exercise. Whilst helping me prioritise my sleep. I feel vastly healthier both mentally and physically. And, although not primarily focusing on it, I have got leaner in the process.


“Origin online coaching has helped me understand how to move, eat, and sleep more how I’m biologically designed to. I have walked with with the a lasting lifestyle change that has transformed my life”


”Before joining Origin, I wasn’t happy with my body. I joined a gym, I went to classes, I had what I thought was a healthy diet. But my body shape wasn’t changing and I wasn’t feeling any healthier. That all changed after 8 months with Sam”.


”I’d been using the gym for years, but my weight kept going up. Through Origin coaching, I’ve been educated about my calorie intake and how to train properly. I’m now not on a ‘diet’, yet I’ve lost three and a half stone. All done remotely via video calls.”


“Before I joined the Origin coaching I always went on ‘diets’ and didn’t last long before getting bored and ‘falling off the wagon’. Now I have complete structure in what I’m eating and how I’m exercising”


”I joined Origin coaching because I frankly had no idea what I was doing when it came to losing weight. The realistic, progressive, and structured approach has helped me lose over five stone and improve my health”


”I’d been using the gym for years, but my weight kept going up. Through the Academy I’ve been educated about my calorie intake and how to train properly. I’m now not on a ‘diet’, yet I’ve lost three and a half stone”


“Like every person that wants to lose weight I tried to ‘diet’ and eat well, but the weight never came off. The academy introduced me to a way to help me lose weight without having to sacrifice my whole lifestyle.”


”Origin has taught me that I can, and should, still eat the things I enjoy. It put me in control of my weight loss and allowed me to walk into the gym knowing exactly what I’m doing.”


”Once I joined Origin my calories were actually increased. I was educated on how to build my nutrition and exercise around my own life. I still led an active social life, who says you have to ‘diet’!?”


“I never thought an online system would work for me. But Origin taught me to take control of my own nutrition and exercise on my terms. I am educated for life!”


”I always thought losing weight had to be a miserable experience, which is probably why I have failed so many times before. Origin swiftly changed that! I am lighter than I have been in years and not a salad in sight.”


”From the moment I joined Origin I could tell this was for the normal person, wanting to still do normal person things, whilst improving their health and body shape.”


”I’m 33 pounds lighter, and actually educated on how to lead a balanced life! Origin pushed me through a process of habitual, sustainable change. I will never need to ‘diet’ again!”

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