How To Lose Weight – 5 Tips To Get You Results

  • How To Lose Weight – 5 tips to get you results


Losing weight – and keeping it off – is one of the hardest battles that modern man has faced. And we are losing, miserably. The problem began about ten thousand years ago when we began farming. Giving us the ability to have a surplus of food for the first time in human history.

Fast forward to the last 100 years and we now have shelves of highly processed, surgery foods available to us 24 hours a day. Genetically, we haven’t really changed over the last ten thousand years, but our access to food has. We have been designed to gorge on food when it’s available to pack on body fat in order to keep us alive through times of nutritional uncertainty (our ancestors could go weeks without food).

So, just to be clear, our hunter-gather ancestors would also be fighting the weight loss battle if they were around now.
Here are my five top tips to get you long-term sustainable results.


1. Structure

We would all be running around like headless chickens without structure. You set your alarm, you go to work, you eat lunch, you go to the toilet, all of which are structured within your daily routine. Now it’s time to incorporate exercise and nutrition into your life as well.

Firstly, you should have an understanding of your calorie and protein numbers in accordance to your own body and goals. Secondly, you should be creating a predominantly weight focused routine based on how many times you can realistically exercise a week. Having boundaries removes the guesswork of your fitness journey.


2. Balance

The worst thing you can is remove the foods (and drinks) you enjoy. If you do, you’ve already failed. Remember, weight is lost by being in a slight calorie deficit over a long period of time. Eating chicken salads or chicken fried rice can achieve this. By having an understanding of your daily calorie consumption, you allow the foods you enjoy to still play a part. This automatically makes your fitness journey much more sustainable!



As the old saying goes, knowledge is power. You must have a willingness to learn, you cannot be spoon-fed through your fitness journey (excuse the pun!). Learn the basics; calories and protein numbers, and a solid weight based exercise routine that fits in to how many times a week you can train. Finally, have a willingness to progress your education in line with your ever-evolving journey.

Seek counsel from trusted sources, people who have your best interests at heart, and have experience in the field of nutrition and exercise.



Let me be blunt. This process cannot be shortcutted. Results do not come quick. The rise of quick weight loss fixes and 8-week diet plans have misconstrued our thinking when it comes to how long it actually takes to see real change in how we physically look.

You must mentally accept that you’re in this for the long game. Even if you achieve the results you want, you must continue on your fitness journey to maintain them. Your chances of success are increased by having a long-term mindset.


5. Effort

You will succeed in whatever is a priority in your life. One of my biggest annoyances is when I hear the words ‘I don’t have time’. If you want something enough you will make time. I say this with a brutally honest tone. Stop making excuses as to why you keep failing at achieving your fitness goals. Just get your head down and do the above.

I remember trying to learn how to play the guitar. I gave up after two weeks. Why? Because I got bored and I prioritised other things in my life. Why am I telling you that? Because people view their health like they do a hobby, which is frankly stupid. You couldn’t do any of the hobbies you enjoy without your health.


Round up

So there you have it, my five top tips to see you succeed on your fitness journey. View your health as a necessity, stop fighting against the process and embrace it within your life. With health comes happiness my friends!

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All the love,

Sam Jones Fitness


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