How to keep the pounds off over christmas

How to keep the pounds off over Christmas!


The highest calorie intake month of the year has arrived, where we end up surrounded by buffet food and alcohol – I am of course talking about December, Aka let loose month!  At this time of the year most just accept that weight gain is inevitable, and decide to worry about it in January. But with a few smart choices you can still have a stormer of a Christmas and maintain your current weight, or stay on track with your weight loss journey!

let me explain…


Monitoring your calorie intake

 We know that weight gain, and weight loss, are solely about eating more or less calories than your own body maintains at. If you have been following me for a while you will be aware of the fact that no one food (good or ‘bad’) is the reason for someone gaining or losing weight. It is instead about a total amount of calories over a period of time – all foods and alcoholic drinks contain calories.

Remember, health, in the respect of nutrient dense foods, and weight loss, are two different things. With this in mind tracking what you eat through a food tracking app like My Fitness Pal can help you manage your calories better. 

This is something I get all students to do whilst with me, in a non-obsessive way.  Viewing their calories over a seven day average allows them to plan their weeks food and alcohol better, putting them in control. This means they can tangibly eat less in the week if they know they are going to be over consuming at the weekend whilst socialising. This is something you could considering doing you do if you do struggle with your weight; especially at this time of year where we are surrounded by mouth-watering goodies. 



Most of us take little notice of the calories within alcohol, and why would we? its a bloody drink after all! well, what if I told you the average glass of red has around 200 calories, a pint of beer also around 200 calories, and some cocktails exceeding 400 calories!  

At this time of year these ‘dead’, nutrientless calories can really rack up. Aiming for lower calorie alcohol options can help. Try opting for single spirits with a diet mixers, like a gin and diet tonic. For beer, opting for lower calorie options like Coors light or Bud light will go along way!

 The ‘end of night takeaway’ also comes into play here. Eating a high protein meal before you go out can help reduce your junk food cravings when you’re a bit drunky monkey waiting for the taxi home!



At the end of the day December is one out of twelve months. If you are fairly disciplined within your lifestyle for the rest of the year it isn’t going to make a massive difference assuming you don’t go full Bruce Bogtrotter for four weeks straight. 

Remember, your happiness and ability to  enjoy the festive period shouldn’t be solely based on the amount you eat and drink; it’s about spending quality time with friends and family. You are a grown adult who is understands that you reap what you sow – Awareness of what you are eating and drinking is key here. If you do go full Bruce Bogtrotter for four weeks you’re going to put on weight, but as long as you are aware of this fact, and ok with it, then that is totally fine. You make a choice based on what outcome you want. 

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